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Chemical Toilet Disposal Units

Stand Alone Chemical Toilet Disposal Units

(Also known as Elsan Tipping Points)

for empting portable toilet cassettes

with or without built in flush.

Installed across the UK and Europe for over 10 years


    320+vat                                      680+vat


Grey Waste Disposal Unit


     250+vat                                     295+vat

They can be placed directly over a manhole or can

 be plumbed in as normal using a 110mm sewer drain

 connector which will fit directly onto the outlet.

Comes built ready to plumb. Can be sited inside

or outside all you need is a water supply.

Flushing Chemical Disposal Unit has been APPROVED by


All CDP units can be made in your colour.



1 of  7 units at                                                                      Caravan Club, Stourhead National Trust